Judd Buchanan
“Politics  is not for the faint of heart.  Issues of the day arise suddenly.  They are complex.  Resolution requires courage to make tough decisions.   If an MP is deserving of her constituent’s confidence to be their advocate and to earn her salary, then she must possess these qualities: education; business experience; legal knowledge; and, diverse community service experience.  Cindy has these qualities. My experience from years as a Federal Cabinet Minister and member of the Privy Council, enables me to  assure  my North Okanagan-Shuswap community that we will be proud to see Cindy  standing up in the House of Commons as our Member of Parliament.  Cindy Derkaz is deserving of your vote and mine.”
Hon. Judd Buchanan PC, OC, Vernon, BC
April, 2019

Nola Dibski
“I believe Cindy has all the qualities that I want in the politician who represents my riding and me.  She has extensive public experience and I am particularly impressed by three of her many qualities.  Cindy demonstrates inclusive leadership and values.  She treats people and groups equally and focuses on their unique characteristics, not on stereotypes.  She is a good listener and really hears what people are saying. And she is an advocate for our environment at this critical time.”
Nola Dibiski, Retired Educator Okanagan University College, Vernon, BC
July, 2019

Cindy Derkaz on Remembering the Honourable Len Marchand
When I was the Federal Liberal Candidate in 2015, I was very honoured to be endorsed by the Hon. Len Marchand. He was an amazing and humble man who was a role model for me. I first voted in a federal election when I was 18 years old. I remember election day well. The polling station was at the First United Church in Salmon Arm and I voted for Mr. Marchand, the candidate for Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s Liberal Team. I followed Len’s career over the years, including his appointment to the senate. Unfortunately Len passed away on June 3, 2016. His obituary briefly tells his story-Leonard Stephen Marchand Obituary – Kamloops, BC.
It was wonderful to have his endorsement of my candidacy on Team Trudeau in 2015 and I think about it frequently as I run again in 2019 to represent North Okanagan Shuswap.

“Cindy Derkaz is a wonderful human being and would be a great representative for the North Okanagan Shuswap. With her background and credentials there is no reason why she should not be in the Trudeau cabinet. I also believe that Cindy would do a great job on behalf of our First Nations people.”

Hon. Len Marchand, Okanagan Band Member
First Status Indian elected to Parliament

Terry Lake
Residents of North Okanagan–Shuswap are indeed fortunate to have Cindy Derkaz as their Federal Liberal candidate.  Cindy is a person of impeccable integrity and is committed to her entire riding.  She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge on environmental issues and wants to help Team Trudeau continue to move forward on climate action, childhood poverty, raising the middle class and creating jobs, Indigenous reconciliation, and bringing Canadians together for an inclusive and positive future.

Terry Lake, Federal Liberal Candidate, Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo
Former BC Environment Minister and Health Minister

Pamela Goldsmith-Jones
“Cindy is an extremely hardworking advocate for North Okanagan Shuswap. I’m impressed with her inclusive and positive approach to politics, and her depth of experience in the community. I support her entirely.”
Pamela Goldsmith-Jones, Former Member of Parliament for West Vancouver—Sunshine Coast—Sea to Sky Country
August, 2019

Gordie Hogg
As Pacific Caucus Chair of the Liberal Party of Canada, I have had the opportunity to meet Cindy and am very impressed with her. Her insights and knowledge on the subjects that matter make her the best voice in Ottawa for the entire North Okanagan Shuswap. Cindy is a passionate community leader and volunteer, who has lived almost her entire life in Salmon Arm and knows what is important to her riding’s residents.
Gordie Hogg, Federal Liberal Candidate for South Surrey—White Rock

Dirk Sigalet
For you and me, deciding for whom to vote is difficult. It is impossible, despite political party platforms and policies, to predict a candidate’s performance as an MP. The complex social issues for a civil society within our diverse country, our country’s respect in the rest of the world, the shifting nature of priorities and how all of this relates to our local communities creates this impossibility. We are left with a decision that is based on a candidate’s integrity, education, critical thinking ability, empathy, courage to say no, and passionate commitment. On that basis, my choice and yours is easy: Cindy Derkaz.
Dirk Sigalet, QC, Vernon, BC
September 2019

Gabriele Klein
Who do I want representing me in Ottawa? Cindy Derkaz is a woman of integrity who holds the values that I want represented: equality, justice and fairness for all in our riding and all Canadians; environmental stewardship along with jobs growth; and accessibility, openness and accountability.
We are so fortunate to have a candidate of such quality and experience who has had a successful law career as well as many years dedicated to volunteer work in our community. I have grateful first-hand experience as the recipient of her expert assistance on several community projects.
Gabriele Klein, BA, BFA, MFA; Community Volunteer,  Salmon Arm, BC
September 2019

Doreen and Don Paterson
Cindy has served the Shuswap community for decades and now indicates a willingness to serve a far greater national community. As a lawyer, she has a familiarity with the nuances of legislation. Her personality suits her for reaching across the Aisle. We feel we are at a time when Parliament needs to augment its women’s ranks so that all can benefit from the diversity that women bring to the table. She will carry all our voices with her to Ottawa.
Doreen and Don Paterson, Sorrento, BC
September 2019

Catherine Lord
Cindy is a strong and articulate woman; she’s smart, educated, and has a strong sense of empathy for her fellow citizens. She’s passionate about the environment, our community and our families. Let’s send her to Ottawa to give our community a strong voice. We need a fighter on our side!
Catherine Lord, CPA, Retired Vernon City Councillor, Vernon, BC
September 2019

Wendy and Ken Christensen
For too long this riding has not had any form of effective representation in Ottawa.  We need to elect someone who has a sincere interest in our community and will speak out regarding local issues.  Cindy has a proven record of community involvement and leadership.  We want a change.  We are voting for Cindy and the Liberal Team.
Wendy and Ken Christensen, Vernon, BC
September 2019

Ken Jamieson
The people of North Okanagan-Shuswap should know well the name Cindy Derkaz. She is a long time resident of the Shuswap and an excellent candidate in the coming election. Cindy shows great love and concern for our area and I know she will represent us well in Ottawa. Her qualities and skills are many: I am especially grateful for her valuable contributions as a founding member of the Shuswap Community Foundation and her good work in environmental law. I also share Cindy Derkaz’s views on inclusion and respecting the needs and ideas of others. Cindy knows this riding through and through. She grew up here, worked here and has been an important part of making our area a great place to live. This has been shown again and again through her academic and professional work and personal life. There will be no hesitation when I vote for Cindy Derkaz on October 21.
Ken Jamieson, Former City Councillor, Salmon Arm, BC
September 2019

Catherine Kroetch
I wholeheartedly support Cindy Derkaz as our Member of Parliament and representative in Ottawa. She has all the essential gifts: respect, compassion, concern for the common good of all Canadians; and she is a strong advocate for our Canadian values of compassion, justice and peace. Most of all she has proven herself to be a committed community volunteer and woman of integrity.
Catherine Kroetch, Retired Teacher, Musician, Salmon Arm, BC
September 2019